Enterprise Business Process Automation

Reduce time and effort whilst gaining quality and control

  • Enterprise Business Process AutomationHaving a long association with​ Bizagi, a leading international BPM technology, we have the right toolset to assist our enterprise clients​ in providing business process automation/workflow solutions that deliver value quickly.


    • Business Process Modelling
    • Business Process Automation
    • Bizagi configuration and process development
  • Our Team

    Our consultants are highly experienced in business process modelling, automation and the Bizagi Enterprise Suite (including the Bizagi Modeller).

    Our team is located in Sydney and consult to clients through Australia.

    Why Automation?

    The goal for most enterprises is to eliminate inefficient labour activity, minimise human error, reduce risk and increase process consistency.

    The Bizagi toolset allows the enterprise to focus on business issues and address them rapidly through the use of functionality that provides much of what one requires without the need for code.

Bizagi Suite Functionality

Automation addresses common business issues such as quality control, enforcement of authorisation flow, reviews, data capture, workflow, business rules, tracking of activity and information, resource workload allocation and management, and email and report production within day-to-day business processes.

Business Requirements integrated into the Toolset

Describe and cross-link your processes in business terms (people, process, policy and technology) with real-time SLA/KPI measurement to track business outcomes and objectives.

Assignment, Allocation and Monitoring Standard

Assign tasks to resources by group, individual, role or area using business rules, or by round-robin load balancing allocation. Cycle time, cost, elapsed time and other measures are tracked for monitoring and assessment of activity.

Business Rules, Decision Trees and Policy Rules Standard

Processes flow can be set by business rules, or through the delegation and assignment of tasks and processes to individuals based on the context of information. This process includes decision trees, complex formula-based rules, simple rule types and manual decision making.

Project Management and Business Analysis

Track who performed a task, how the process was executed, and the date and time the task was carried out for the purpose of audit or compliance.

Integration Options Standard

It is possible to integrate any technology using SOA, data links and web services. In many cases by using a standard wizard feature.

Web based work portal

Bizagi solutions require no more than a standard internet browser on the desktop to execute, thereby enabling easy deployment to large numbers of users and satisfying multiple location requirements.

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