• Usability Testing LitmusX

    The Importance of Usability Testing

    When developing applications for use it is important to test against physical devices, especially if you need to support a variety of technologies. Test on as many as is feasible, that is our view! The reason this is so important is the fact that there will always be differences between simulators (where most developers test) and the […]

  • Migrating to the Cloud

    Over the years, it became increasingly evident to us that the multitude of servers and applications we had were costly and complicated to operate and, overtime, had a tendency to get more so, rather than less so. Compound this with a diverse client need around technology, we risked becoming too internally focused on our IT […]

  • Avoiding poor App Store ratings

    There are many illustrations of mobility apps which are for the most part frustrating to use, counter-intuitive, sit uncomfortably within the mobile eco-system they are designed for and so become a poor representation of an organisation’s brand. Take a look in an App Store and you’ll see these apps tend to fall in the 3 star or less rating category.

    Not a great way to start off a consumer’s experience of an organisation’s service offering!