Enterprise Applications

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    Platforms and approaches we support

    • Enterprise .Net Solutions (Desktop, LAN and WAN)
    • Enterprise Apple (OS X) Solutions (Desktop, LAN and WAN)
    • Cloud Solutions (Azure, Amazon AWS, .Net Enterprise)
    • HTML 5.0 Web Applications

    Our core technical skills

    • .Net, C#, MVC, ASP.Net, WPF, WCF
    • SWIFT, Objective C
    • HTML 5.0, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular Material
    • SQL Server
  • Are enterprise applications different?

    Yes, most enterprises need to consider integration with other systems, single sign-on security, role hierarchy, deployment and legacy technology when consider an application or software solution.

    Internal IT policy and architecture dictate how the application is coded and configured.

    You have to: –

    • Consider enterprise architecture
    • Work with multiple-teams
    • Code and deploy within a framework
    • Provide unit and system test scripts
    • Deal with data migration
    • Document all procedures
    • Adhere to corporate style guideline
    • Work with constrained network bandwidth

Which approach?

This depends on the functionality of the application required and the enterprise constraints in terms of security, data access, middleware integration and deployment. Cloud services, for example: database access, document access, business object web services, to full blown private cloud application development are also factors.

  • .Net Desktop

    Applications built to be run on Windows based PCs within the enterprise environment.

  • .Net LAN/WAN

    Applications built with server and client front-end components to be run with the enterprise environment, including designated 3rd parties.

  • HTML 5.0 Web Applications

    Applications built on a server using HTML 5.0 and supporting technologies and accessed via a browser on any capable device within the enterprise environment, including designated 3rd parties.

Our solution expertise

We have experience in project management and software development approaches that include: Prince2, PMBOK, Waterfall, Agile, Incremental, Iterative, RAD, and many hybrid derivatives.

A track record of developing large-scale applications from complex enterprise solutions for ten thousand plus users and web-based services used by a hundred thousand organisation customers in a monthly transaction capacity, to comprehensive cross-platform mobility solutions, to point solutions for specific business unit needs.

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