• You are Sydney based, can you deliver solutions elsewhere?
    Yes, we continually develop solutions for clients through-out Australia and the APAC region.
    How long does it take to develop an Application?
    Anything from 2 weeks up to about 1 year, for the longer more complex applications we normally deliver in iterations.
    What technologies can you develop in?
    There are many, the core that we code against are: C#, SWIFT, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, HTML 5.0 and SQL. Associated with each of these technologies are a myriad of further technologies which we support.
    What approach do you use?
    The approach best suited for the situation. We are experts in RAD, Agile, Incremental and Waterfall.
  • How much will it cost?
    The detail of the requirement and the complexity of the technology used has a major impact on cost. As a result it is a surprisingly difficult question to answer.

    It is much easier to indicate what it will not cost. Software development is similar to movie making in the sense that it requires quite a big team of individuals with a wide range of skills to produce a commercial grade solution.

    So for Office Productivity solutions (i.e. Excel/Word Add-ins), we can’t build them for less than a few thousand dollars.

    For Custom Software solutions, we rarely can achieve a result under ten thousand dollars.

    For IT Professional Services our day rates are comparable to our industry and rates vary by experience and skill.

    Our team is well trained in making quick assessments based on an initial discussion – which in many cases can be by phone or via email, allowing for a cost estimate (a banded range) which you can use to assess viability before committing to any formal process.

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