IT Professional Services

Tapping into our capability helps reduces risk and accelerates outcomes

Our team

Our consultants are highly experienced in one or more of the disciplines of commercial software development, product development, software engineering, project management and IT business analysis.

Our team is located in Sydney and consult to clients throughout Australia.


  • IT Strategy
  • Software Audit
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Project Management and Business Analysis
  • Vendor Selection

Engaging us

Assignments can last as a little as a few days to many months in duration.

We offer ad hoc time and fixed duration options for our clients.


IT strategy

We provide advice to our clients in the areas of build versus buy, total cost of ownership, and internal versus offshore software development capability. Every client is different: in-house capability, budget, management structure, reliance on technology, and need for rapid change are some of the key considerations in determining how best to provide and support software solutions.

Software audit

Do you have a problem software development? Are you having issues with the quality of a delivered piece of software? Are you unable to enhance functionality? We can provide you with the necessary insight as to the state of the code, remedial options and general guidance.

Software architecture and design

How best to architect and design your software solutions, what options based on your requirements, cost, time-to-market requirements. Making the right decisions has a significant bearing on your total cost of ownership and flexibility to adapt to future needs.

Project management and business analysis

We offer ad hoc senior level project management and business analysis services to clients where it is neither practical nor desirable to hire such services directly or through recruitment agents. As a result, we fill a niche within the market where engagements are part time, generally short term and require highly experienced individuals to hit the ground running and provide short-term value to cover gaps in resourcing or to resolve complex situations.

Vendor selection

We offer guidance to our clients when evaluating software and vendors. There is hardly ever one product or approach that meets a requirement exactly, a problem that is further compounded by rapidly evolving technology and vendors in the market place. Having no industry experience in technological capabilities or what to ask vendors, will significantly increase the risk of a misaligned investment in software technology.

Examples of our work