MyTipping Bill Tip/Split Calculator for iPhones and iPads​​

Calculate how much to tip or what each person should pay, with just a few taps of your fingers.

Features include:
  • Rounding options on total
  • Split the bill by up to 100 people
  • Personalised settings for tip, tax and split
  • Full breakdown of bill payments by total and per person
  • Colour themes to suit your personal style
  • Multi-currency selection
  • Sales tax included or excluded from amount entered
  • Sales tax calculated for you
  • Calculate tip before or after sales tax

Calculations Explained

Add tax to bill

If set to on, the amount you enter will have the Tax % applied. For example, $100 with a tax rate of 10% means a subtotal of $100 plus an additional $10 of tax is applied giving a total of $110 . If set to off and the Tax % is set, the entered amount includes the percentage tax set. For example, if the $100 includes 10% tax, it gives a $90.91 subtotal plus $9.09 of tax.

Tip on pre-tax amount

This option is paired with the “Add tax to bill” function, if set to on, to calculate the tip on the subtotal (before tax) amount. Following from the example above​, if the subtotal (pre-tax) is $100 and the Tip % is 10%, then the tip is $10.


Five options are provided and, depending on currency, some options will be more suitable than others. For instance, the currency Yen has no decimal places so the rounding to 10 or 100 works well; however​,​ for currencies like $ rounding to 0.50 or 1 are more appropriate. Rounding is always up to the nearest rounded unit. For example, if 1 is set as the rounding unit and you have a bill payable of $10.01, this will round up to $11.00. The rounding​ amount has to be calculated into the bill in order to balance the total. We utilise the tip amount for this purpose, the rationale being that rounding will then benefit the service provider.

Multi-Currency Support

Four key currencies are supported irrespective of the regional settings on your phone. The use of decimals, points or commas are based of the currency. For example in Euro the decimal portion of the amount is marked with a comma “,”. If you select the Device option, the calculator will use and display the currency according to the regional settings on your iOS device.


A number of colour themes are available via the in-app purchase section (the shopping cart on the top left of the screen). Once purchased, you can select between the default theme and any purchased themes when and as required.


​​If you have any issues with MyTipping please email: and provide as much detail as possible for us, so we can best assist you. Information that is very useful is the type of device, orientation (portrait or landscape), the version of iOS you are using, the issue you are experiencing, and if possible an image snapshot of the issue.