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    iWitnessed allows you to collect and preserve witness evidence about events. Featured on television, in numerous news articles and other digital media. Available on iOS and Android.

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    CSIRO Energise allows you to participate in Australia’s national energy research. Featured on radio, in numerous news articles and other digital media. Available on iOS and Android.

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    bubbleFiz is an advanced team communication platform that allows for chat, data capture, deep search, multiple groups and threads. Available on iOS and Android. Used in 100+ countries.

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Often our clients require non-disclosure of work, this helps them protect their IP and competitive advantage. As a result there are many more applications and services provided than listed here.​ Please contact us if​ you’d like to get a be​tter idea of our ​​experience, technology and expertise areas.

  • Survey app for Android and iOS

    We were approached by a large global scientific and industrial research organisation to develop a survey solution to facilitate Australian citizens to contribute to the national energy research. The platform consists of a cloud based management and survey design tool, a cloud based survey API engine and data store which support the dedicated native Apps on Android and iOS to perform survey functionality.

  • Eyewitness reporting for Android and iOS

    A prestigious Australian public research university appointed us to build a mobile application to collect evidence and preserve detailed eyewitness accounts of an event.  The application enables users to record information as text, voice, images and maps location, protect entries with a PIN code, and enables GPS stamped PDF reports. The initiative was an amalgamation of lawyers, police and leading Australian cognitive scientists and featured on SBS and ABC.

  • Medical triage audit cloud platform

    A major public teaching hospital engaged us to develop a national audit system to aid in evaluating nurse triage decision-making and accuracy to ensure patient safety, and to identify opportunities for professional and service development. The solution comprised of a web services platform for staff administration to upload records, audit triage, and reporting. The system won an award for innovation and a grant from the Nursing and Midwifery Initiative Fund.

  • Student assessment platform

    A prestigious Australian public research university approached us to build a solution for clinical assessment in the medical school. The solution comprised of a web services platform for staff administration to prepare, schedule and monitor assessments with a native iOS application for student assessment capture.

  • Enterprise portfolio management platform

    A multi-region web based portfolio management system for an enterprise organisation’s PMO needs. The system provides for workflow, multi-level access, advanced UI dashboard and the maintenance/display of project information including progress tracking, budget versus actual CAPEX/OPEX spend, and consolidation by program, portfolio and region.

  • Bill/split calculator for iOS

    Developed to explore the new SWIFT language and advanced UX concepts on iOS 8. The application is available in Apple’s iTunes store and covers multi-currency, multi-location and advanced UI concepts.

  • Engineering simulation platform

    A leading global engineering firm required a multi-language/region, centrally controlled, desktop simulation software used in industrial filtration equipment sales. The system has an advanced interactive graphical user interface and multi-parameter modelling capability. All information is centrally controlled and updated in both directions via web services providing global reporting and maintenance capability.

  • Enterprise budgeting platform

    A large international firm required a multi-user budget tool that could process 3 separate ERP solutions (SAP/JDE/MasterPack) general ledgers from multiple countries and regions into a common database and map the information into one common set of information for preparing budgets and reporting of budget, forecast and actuals. Advanced reporting (roll-up periods, custom reports, multi-currency) and accounting routines (phasing, allocations, cpi) were provided.

  • Enterprise social media tracking platform

    A leading provider of social media analysis for enterprises approached us to build a cloud based multi-tenant service for their customers. The requirement was to track Facebook, Twitter and news feeds in real-time using a key-phrase filtering technique and analysis of social data related to an organisation’s services, products and profile.

  • Job order management platform for trades

    A large regional plumbing firm appointed us to build a cloud-based multi-tenanted platform for job order management, compliance and invoicing. The platform caters for scheduling of jobs, management of billings and a mobility tablet based Android and iPad solution to sign-on/off jobs, track time, materials and job statuses.

  • Driver-monitoring app for iOS

    An international conglomerate approached us to enhance their fleet safety program with a Commentary Drive component. This allows an evaluator to conduct a commentary driving session to assess the driver’s ability based on a list of criteria as defined in the web based admin tool. The admin tool allows for capture of evolution criteria, dashboard view of driver assessments and export capability.

  • Catalogue app for iOS and Android

    A leading provider of vocational care commissioned us to build a multi-brand product catalogue and order request tool for their sales force to be used on tablets. The system was centrally controlled with a web administration tool, sophisticated caching with off-line features to deploy elements of the catalog directly to each iPad.

  • Enterprise action management platform

    A national transport provider hired us to build an organisation-wide solution to manage assignment of responsibility, and corrective and preventive action resolution for ISO 9001 compliance. We developed a customised solution enabling 12 000 employees to assign issues and escalate overdue actions to management.

  • Accommodation reservation portal

    An international online accommodation provider asked us to build an online accommodation quoting portal with fully featured administration capability ranging from invoicing, content management to reviews, pricing and payment gateways.

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  • Stock management platform

    A guest amenities wholesaler hired us to provide an end-to-end solution for the acquisition and selling of guest amenities online. This included stock control, pricing, orders, invoices and payments, as well as postage and courier services integration.

  • Microsoft Word Add-in

    Application in Word as an add-in to automate the activity of customer selection, product details capture and selection, and pricing calculation according to a set of templates.

  • Microsoft Excel VBA Workbook

    An industrial air-conditioning installation and servicing company hired us to write an application in Excel to track power, temperature and other outputs. The data was then consolidated in charts measuring variance, min/max values, and sensitivity levels by customer, unit and site.

  • Microsoft Excel VBA Workbook

    We were hired by a leading beverage distribution company who needed a way to calculate profitability on each promotion that they ran with large supermarket chains and their distributors. We created an Excel workbook application that allowed the finance team to manage SKU’s and pricing, while giving the sales teams flexibility to discount for additional sales, all with formal margin control.

  • Microsoft Excel Add-In

    We were commissioned by a leading international management consultancy to build an advanced data visualisation tool that supports the analysis and presentation of complex data in value driver tree format, and generated variance, scenario and constraint graphs. The tool is highly configurable and caters for multiple dimensions and series with multiple dataset types.