Corporate website rebuild

A complete rebuild of an existing website for a corporate client.

Timeline: 4 Months

Specialists: 4

Complexity: High


Synoptic Consulting


Operational consulting

Project type:

Wesbite rebuild

User base:



Our partnership with the client involved revitalising their existing website and significantly expanding the content within.


Our team utilised Figma for the redesign phase and Wix for the website’s development and deployment to meet the project’s goals effectively and efficiently.

Through Figma’s sophisticated design tools, we crafted detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes, enabling an iterative design cycle that supported real-time collaboration and feedback. This ensured that the final designs were both creative and consistent with the client’s branding and expectations.

Once the designs were perfected in Figma, we moved to Wix for implementation. Wix’s comprehensive web development capabilities allowed us to seamlessly translate our designs into reality, adding depth and enhanced navigation, thus enriching the overall website experience.

Client feedback

“We engaged IMSX to do a refresh of our commercial website and its corresponding Google Adwords campaign for the second time in 8 years. The complexity of major website development work, in a constantly changing technical environment, is invariably underestimated, making it critical to get help from a professional. Clive and Yuki at IMSX were brilliant in their advice, technical expertise, execution and support for every stage of our journey. We are delighted with the new site and its corresponding updated Adwords campaign, and would recommend the team at IMSX every time.”
- Creon Cambitzi - Director, Synoptic Consulting

Key technology used