Franchise management

A cloud platform that enables end-to-end franchise operations from point of sale to legal compliance.

Timeline: 1 Year+

Specialists: 4

Complexity: High



Project type:

Cloud platform

User base:



A major franchisor in Australia sought our assistance to transition the locally operated desktop-based point of sale systems, ordering, and general administrative functions of hundreds of franchisees to a new, centralised cloud platform. The aim was to foster innovation in their services and enhance the management and distribution of critical sales and marketing information.


The project encompassed data migration, the creation and development of a cloud-based platform, and integration with various external systems.

Over several years, we successfully consolidated all data into a unified database cluster and transitioned all local functionalities to a cloud-based platform, introducing new features and services for the franchisees.

The cloud platform proved to be highly effective, enabling our client to swiftly innovate and roll out new features and offerings to their franchise network.

Key technology used