Gas well analysis and inspection

Compliance, inspection and 3D analysis of gas wells.

Timeline: 9 Months

Specialists: 3

Complexity: Medium


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Project type:

Cloud platform

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Our client sought our expertise to enhance their services with technological solutions in the field of gas drilling well inspections and completions.

They needed a management system that could keep track of inspections, well setups, documentation, and photographs, along with a graphical visualiser for each well. This system would enable their clients to easily monitor and access a comprehensive history of inspections and maintenance activities.


We crafted a cloud-based solution that empowered our client to manage, and their clients to access, an extensive range of information related to well design, including 3D graphical visualisations of the subterranean piping. The platform also provided complete access to all inspection reports, maintenance records, and well photographs.

Key technology used