Height safety compliance/training

Training certification, access control and inspections for work based activity on roofs.

Timeline: 1 Year+

Specialists: 5

Complexity: High




Project type:

Cloud platform and mobile app

User base:



In Australia, specialists and tradespeople are mandated to obtain height safety certification for accessing rooftops of commercial buildings. It is the duty of building managers and property owners to ensure that safety and compliance standards are met during rooftop activities.

Our startup client identified a niche in the market to offer a mobile platform that could facilitate training, ensure compliance, and enhance general safety for individuals working on rooftops, as well as assist building owners and property managers in regulating access.


To address this need, we developed a comprehensive mobile platform tailored for training, compliance, and safety management for rooftop work. This platform serves both the workers on the roofs and the building owners or property managers responsible for granting access.

Additionally, we created native mobile applications for both iOS and Android. These apps enable specialists and tradespeople to request access, verify their training credentials, undertake immediate training, and obtain both certification and permission to access building rooftops. The apps also include features for conducting inspections and documenting evidence (such as photos, videos, and voice recordings) of roofing work, as well as for notifying building managers about activities taking place on the rooftops.

This innovative platform has transformed the approach to height safety, significantly streamlining compliance and access management processes.

Key technology used