Industrial filtration performance optimisation

An industrial toolset to allow engineers to specific and select products that optimise flow and efficiency within large scale ventilation systems.

Timeline: 6 Months

Specialists: 2

Complexity: Medium




Project type:

Cloud platform and desktop app

User base:



Choosing the correct equipment and ensuring its optimal performance for industrial filtration and air purification can be intricate. Our significant international client needed a globally deployed software solution that equipped engineers with a set of tools for selecting the appropriate equipment and fine-tuning component choices to optimise operation.


Our design had to consider the centralised distribution of the software and equipment configurations across various regions and languages. Our team developed a platform that facilitated central management of equipment and subcomponents, including images, metrics, dependencies, and rules. This platform enabled the deployment and updating of a Windows application in multiple languages, which we designed to provide visualisation and analysis for equipment selection.

Key technology used