Legal library management

Legal material management system cross referencing videos, images, case material, precedents and reference material.

Timeline: 6 Months

Specialists: 3

Complexity: Medium




Project type:

Private cloud platform

User base:



Our client required a system for storing and cross-referencing a wide array of legal materials, including case details, precedents, articles, videos, images, and notes. The database needed to be easily navigable, with functionalities to categorise, rank items, and allow legal professionals to add pertinent commentary to each entry.


We developed a solution based on a custom document object storage system, enhanced with sophisticated cross-referencing capabilities. This system allows for multi-level categorisation, the addition of rankings and comments, and the establishment of links between different pieces of information. To facilitate user interaction with the stored data, we encapsulated the object storage within a RESTful API layer, which provides controlled access, efficient search capabilities, and seamless management and retrieval of the stored items.

Key technology used