Legal matter management

End-to-end legal matter project management and billing toolset.

Timeline: 1 Year+

Specialists: 3

Complexity: High



Project type:

Private cloud platform and desktop app

User base:



Effective case management in the legal field involves intricate timelines for court filings, evidence preparation, case material organisation, and references to precedents. Efficient time usage, billing, task management, and information access are crucial for successfully handling cases.

Our legal client needed a tailored solution to streamline their case management processes.


Upon evaluating our client’s needs, we identified a significant dependency on Office365 for daily productivity tasks.

Therefore, our solution was designed to enhance Office365’s existing functionalities. We developed custom Excel and Outlook Add-Ins to facilitate easy access to task management and scheduling for legal professionals involved in a case. Additionally, we created a bespoke Windows application to support project management, featuring Gantt charts, time tracking, document access, and billing functionalities.

All these tools were integrated with a centralised object management system we developed, which served as the backbone for organising all case-related information, documents, and billing details.

Key technology used