Pathology lab assessment

A Realtime assessment iPad app to enable students across multiple venues and locations to complete time based questions in lab environments.

Timeline: 6 Months

Specialists: 3

Complexity: Medium




Project type:

Private cloud platform and Mobile app

User base:



The pathology department at a renowned Australian university enlisted our assistance to develop a lab-based assessment system, centrally managed, for use during practical exams. The system was required to manage student verification, schedule exams, deliver questions in real time, and ensure assessments were synchronised across various physical locations, including implementing time restrictions for each question.


Our solution was crafted around the versatility and computational power of iPads, utilising native application development in Swift. This approach enabled the deployment of hundreds of iPads to students, with the iPad application synchronising assessments in real time with a central management platform. This platform facilitated live tracking of student progress.

The system was designed to administer timed questions, ensuring uniformity in the assessment process for all students, regardless of their physical location.

Key technology used