Personal health management

Patient engagement platform to provide useful information and encouragement to post operative patients during their critical recovery period.

Timeline: 1 Year+

Specialists: 6

Complexity: High

Client: WARC

The University of Sydney



Project type:

Cloud platform

User base:



Our client required an effective method to maintain communication with patients during their post-operative recovery period after discharge from the hospital. They found that personalised medical and general information, tailored to each patient’s profile, significantly aided in their recovery process.


We needed to devise a solution that allowed for widespread messaging to patients without necessitating the download of any applications or going through complicated registration procedures.

Given the necessity for a universally accessible mode of communication, we opted for text messaging as the primary channel to ensure maximum reach. Our solution entailed creating a customised SMS-based program for each patient, enabling two-way communication between patients and a dedicated team of specialists.

The messaging programs were designed to be rule-based, leveraging patient profile data to customise and fine-tune the communications effectively.

Additionally, the solution had to accommodate the diverse requirements of multiple organisations, various programs, and a large patient base. To achieve this, we developed a multi-tenant architecture capable of high scalability, utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS) with features like scaling groups, load balancers, and EC2 instances to manage the workload efficiently.

Key technology used