Real estate platform

An end-to-end platform to assist in the buy and sell of residential property for buyers, sellers, agents and 3rd parties.

Timeline: 1 Year+

Specialists: 6

Complexity: High


Venture Creek


Real Estate

Project type:

Cloud platform and Mobile app

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An Australian startup in the real estate sector is set to revolutionise sales management, referrals, and client self-service by introducing an all-encompassing platform. This platform aims to cater to the requirements of agents, sellers, buyers, and third-party referrers.

They have partnered with us to conceptualise, develop, and commercialise this platform. The primary goal is to establish a system that autonomously upholds data quality, manages property details, and streamlines all workflows involved in the property buying and selling process.


Adopting an agile methodology, we have progressively designed and developed, and are now in the stages of commercialising, a cloud-based platform. This platform features a responsive web design, ensuring a consistent and optimised experience across various devices including mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

To support the diverse functionalities of the platform, it is integrated with several external systems. This integration allows the platform to efficiently manage different data feeds, enforce rules, handle messaging, and facilitate various workflows.

Client feedback

“I engaged Clive and his team at iMSX nearly 2 years ago, working with them from the initial documentation of concept for our bespoke solution, through the design, build, test and initial rollout phases. As someone who worked many years ago in large-scale software development projects, it was refreshing to meet someone who could understand the overall concepts (even when I presented them in “old-school” language) and put the right people to work to make things happen with the most advanced technologies and techniques. The staff I have worked with at iMSX have all proven to be intelligent, creative and insightful, coming up with solutions that demonstrated real understanding of our business. They have taken a genuine interest in delivering on the vision and have been very responsive, agreeable and supportive in helping me to achieve a great result.”
- Brian Fairweather (Founder)

Key technology used