Stock market trading training

A training platform to aid new traders in learning how to trade from within a safe game based environment.

Timeline: 6 Months

Specialists: 3

Complexity: Medium



Project type:

Cloud platform

User base:



Entering the trading world can be intimidating for newcomers. Despite the availability of comprehensive training materials and examples on most trading platforms, there was a distinct need for a more engaging, game-like introduction to trading.

This approach would allow users to learn the ropes in a fun, risk-free environment, using simulated money over several months, competing for prizes, and tracking their progress against others. Our client saw this as an ideal use case for a cloud-based platform.


We developed a web-exclusive cloud platform that offered users a selection of stocks from various global exchanges. Participants could engage in buying and selling activities, with their performance measured against others through a monthly leaderboard. The top performers, based on the highest profits generated within the month, were rewarded with prizes, providing an entertaining and educational trading experience.

Key technology used