Surgical pack design and quoting

The design, selection and ordering of surgical packs for a range of operation types.

Timeline: 9 Months

Specialists: 4

Complexity: High





Project type:

Private cloud platform and Mobile app

User base:



Our client in the medical supply sector needed a mobile solution to enable their sales representatives to collaborate with surgeons in clinics and hospitals for the customisation, visualisation, and ordering of surgical packs for use in surgeries. The essential requirements were the ability to visually design the packs, comply with the regulations for sterile and non-sterile product placement, and accurately calculate the costs based on order volumes.

The solution had to be mobile-friendly, capable of functioning offline due to frequent network connectivity issues in medical facilities, and equipped with an intuitive and visually-driven interface for arranging sterile and non-sterile items efficiently within the surgical packs.


We tailored our solution to leverage the mobility and computational capabilities of iPads. A native application was developed using Swift, ensuring that surgeons could design, customise, evaluate costs, and place orders for surgical packs tailored to their specific requirements, regardless of their location or the time.

The comprehensive solution also included a web portal for sales administration, integrated with an offline synchronisation feature on the iPads, enhancing flexibility and ensuring seamless operation even in areas with limited network connectivity.

Key technology used