Workplace safety compliance

Safety and compliance for the transport and off loading of toxic chemicals.

Timeline: 9 Months

Specialists: 4

Complexity: Medium




Project type:

Private cloud platform and mobile app

User base:



Our client, who transports large quantities of industrial cleaning chemicals, emphasises the utmost safety in the transport, delivery, and usage of these substances.

They sought a system that could manage, record, and offer guidance to drivers and delivery personnel involved in the bulk transportation of industrial chemical products.


We developed a solution based on mobile technology, incorporating Bluetooth locks and QR code scanning, all controlled through a central dashboard. This setup allows administrators to oversee delivery processes, site access, and the correct transfer of chemicals into designated storage units. The drivers were equipped with a user-friendly mobile application that provided detailed information about each delivery site, including the products being delivered, entry points, and QR scanning for verification of chemical transfer, alongside activity logging.

Key technology used