With over a decade of experience in building software solutions we have a lot of valuable insights and lessons learnt. You can “tap into” our experience and know-how to save time and effort or help with a crucial decision. These engagement are performed on a time and materials basis and typically last from a few hours to several weeks.

Software Audit

Do you have a problem software development? Are you having issues with the quality of a delivered piece of software? Are you unable to enhance functionality?

We can provide you with the necessary insight as to the state of the code, remedial options and general guidance.

Solution Design Advice

Making the right software design decision has a significant bearing on your total cost of ownership and flexibility to adapt to future needs.

We can help you with how best to architect and design your software solutions, what options based on your requirements, cost, time-to-market requirements.

Cost Estimation

We offer guidance to our clients when evaluating software cost. Costing accuracy is crucial when working to a budget or timeline.

Problem Solving

Got a code issue, scalability problem, performance issues, security issue, a bug that can’t be found. We can help by being an extra pair of eyes and hands in identifying the problem and recommending a solution.

If you can think of it, we can build it!

We thrive on helping our clients realise their business objectives by building great software solutions!

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