Web Apps

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    Platforms and approaches we support

    • Cloud Solutions (Azure, Amazon AWS, .Net Web Servers)
    • HTML 5.0 Web Applications

    Our core technical skills

    • .Net, C#, MVC, ASP.Net
    • HTML 5.0, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular Material
    • SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Are web applications different?

    Yes, they need to cater for multiple devices, have responsive designs, be secure, render functionality across multiple browsers and handle large volumes of page views and transaction processing.

    You have to: –

    • Consider security and confidentiality
    • Internet network performance
    • Language and cultural differences
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Server load balancing
    • 24by7 use
    • Style sheets
    • Graphic design

Which approach?

This depends on need: A .Net web server located at an ISP provides the greatest flexibility; however, if there is a need to scale rapidly, have regional capability, or to avoid supporting infrastructure then Azure and Amazon AWS offer a range of services that cater directly for this.

  • .Net Web Server

    We build and support web applications on the Window Server operating system running IIS and SQL Server.

  • Cloud Based (Azure, Amazon AWS)

    We integrate, develop and maintain web applications and services built for either Azure or AWS.

Our solution expertise

We have extensive experience in web applications from building proprietary multi-tenanted cloud solutions, to e-commerce solutions, to organisational web-based systems for customer and 3rd party use.

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