Recent Work - Office Productivity App

  • Microsoft Excel Add-In

    We were commissioned by a leading international management consultancy to build an advanced data visualisation tool that supports the analysis and presentation of complex data in value driver tree format, and generated variance, scenario and constraint graphs. The tool is highly configurable and caters for multiple dimensions and series with multiple dataset types.

  • Microsoft Excel VBA Workbook

    We were hired by a leading beverage distribution company who needed a way to calculate profitability on each promotion that they ran with large supermarket chains and their distributors. We created an Excel workbook application that allowed the finance team to manage SKU’s and pricing, while giving the sales teams flexibility to discount for additional sales, all with formal margin control.

  • Microsoft Excel VBA Workbook

    An industrial air-conditioning installation and servicing company hired us to write an application in Excel to track power, temperature and other outputs. The data was then consolidated in charts measuring variance, min/max values, and sensitivity levels by customer, unit and site.

  • Microsoft Word Add-in

    Application in Word as an add-in to automate the activity of customer selection, product details capture and selection, and pricing calculation according to a set of templates.