Better health outcomes

Patient engagement platform to facilitate better health outcomes.

Timeline: 9 Months

Specialists: 6

Complexity: Medium

Client: WARC

The University of Sydney



Project type:

Cloud platform and Mobile app

User base:



Following the receipt of a Google award for technical innovation, our research-focused client sought to create a platform aimed at preventing health diseases through the use of personalised, evidence-based support for participants.


The cornerstone of our solution was fostering interactive engagement.

We developed a cloud-based platform, complemented by native mobile applications, to facilitate the delivery of personalised, evidence-based support messages directly to participants’ mobile devices. This platform allowed for interactive communication through chat and enabled the monitoring of participants’ physical activities, such as step count, exercise duration, blood pressure, and heart rate. The system was designed to provide alert notifications and tailored messages based on the tracked health metrics.

Key technology used