Community based housing services

Maintenance requests, general information, statements and general requests for the tenants of community housing.

Timeline: 4 Months

Specialists: 4

Complexity: High



Community Housing

Project type:

Portal and web app

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A nonprofit organisation reached out to us, highlighting the limitations of their existing tenant portal, which lacked automation, making maintenance requests and information inquiries by tenants manual and inefficient. They required a contemporary solution to automate all tenant service requests and form submissions, alongside providing online access to statements, rent payment options, and essential information.


The cornerstone of our solution was the development of a new portal, with a strong emphasis on automation and user interface (UI) experience. The portal was designed to be user-friendly, adaptable to both desktop and mobile devices, and in strict alignment with the client’s branding requirements.

Notably, midway through the project, the client underwent a rebranding. Our design strategy, which employed theme-based UI styles and components, allowed for a quick and cost-effective update of the portal’s appearance with minimal disruption.

The launch of the solution was met with an exceptionally positive reception from the tenants. Based on this success, plans for future enhancements and additional features are currently underway.

Client feedback

"The iMSX company has done a fantastic job working on the Client Portal for Argyle Housing. This cutting-edge portal provides a secure, user-friendly environment for Argyle Housing’s clients to access their information and take advantage of the various services that Argyle Housing offers. The iMSX development team worked closely with the Argyle Housing team to craft a well-designed system that is secure from outside threats while providing maximum convenience to users.

The Client Portal features several key components, including an intuitive user interface, a robust authentication system, and sophisticated data encryption protocols. The user interface is visually pleasing and easy to navigate, featuring an organised homepage with clearly labelled tabs for each individual service or area of interest. Users can easily see all the options available and can quickly select what they need.

In terms of security, iMSX utilises a combination of two-factor authentication and advanced data encryption techniques to ensure that only authorised individuals are granted access to sensitive client data. Two-factor authentication requires users to provide both an email address or mobile phone number and a physical device in order to log in successfully; this helps prevent unauthorised parties from gaining access even if they have obtained someone’s login credentials.

Overall, iMSX has put tremendous effort into creating a safe and convenient Client Portal for Argyle Housing’s clients. All members of their development team are highly knowledgeable in web application design principles as well as robust security protocols; this combination ensures maximum efficiency when dealing with any potential security issues as well as providing an aesthetically appealing platform for everyday usage. In addition, they also possess excellent customer service skills, making them more than capable of addressing any questions or concerns users may have when navigating through the various functions offered by the Client Portal. With such strong design principles backed up by experienced developers, we are glad we chose iMSX for this project; it was certainly money well spent on our part!"
- Scott Dustan - Marketing and Communications Manager, Argyle Housing

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