Inventory management portal

An internal portal integrated with InFlow to help manage and track stock, batches and orders.

Timeline: 3 Months

Specialists: 3

Complexity: Medium


Succession Ecology



Project type:

Portal and web app

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Tracking and managing inventory on large quantities of products is difficult and often quite challenging even with one of the best tools on the market.

A client who collects, stores, distributes and sells seeds came to us to help them build a new portal which integrates with InFlow to perform operations such as batch tracking and bulk order allocations. In addition to API integration, the client also required 2 large excel spreadsheets to be displayed and manipulated on the new portal.


The most important aspect of this was the integration with InFlow as APIs can sometimes be difficult to fully incorporate with a completely custom portal with a lot of moving parts.

The data is ‘synced’ upon request from the InFlow system which gets the latest data such as product quality, product types and new order details etc. The portal displays 2 large excel spreadsheets in the form of a table which allows our client to cycle between the 2 to quickly manipulate sales and order details including tracking of various batches of each product. This data then gets bulk delivered back to InFlow to show correctly on the InFlow portal.

These operations happen quickly but also stays within the realms of API call limits of InFlow. This portal saves the client a lot of time as working manually with excel and transferring the data to InFlow is very time consuming and less than ideal.

Key technology used