Project performance manager

A toolset for project managers to capture and manage key details relating to the project and portfolios at a regional level of a large organisation operating around the globe.

Timeline: 6 Months

Specialists: 3

Complexity: Medium




Project type:

Private cloud platform

User base:



A multinational global cleaning services and product organisation sought our expertise to develop a private cloud infrastructure for managing projects across various regions and countries. They required a system that could effortlessly monitor overarching tasks, key milestones, resource allocation, and time projections.


We created a private cloud-enabled project management dashboard designed for overseeing tasks, resource distribution, and milestone achievement.

This setup allowed each region to manage and observe through a unified global dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of all project undertakings. Projects were managed and monitored using tools such as Gantt charts, task inventories, milestone progress, and personalised time tracking.

Key technology used