SaaS license platform

Software as a service license distribution and management system.

Timeline: 3 Months

Specialists: 3

Complexity: Low




Financial services

Project type:

Cloud platform

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A prominent financial institution enlisted our help to develop a system that would enable them to distribute software licenses to their corporate customers across various software products. They required a flexible licensing system that could accommodate different models, including perpetual versus recurring licenses, individual user versus server-based licensing, and transaction volume-based versus per-user charging.


Our solution integrated a variety of technologies, ranging from cloud-based services to standalone desktop applications. Central to our design was a publicly accessible REST API, complemented by wrapper libraries compatible with several programming languages.

A key feature of our solution was ensuring that licensing functionality remained unaffected by network availability, achieved by incorporating time-limited information within the software keys provided to clients.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform equipped our client with the capability to efficiently manage and distribute software licenses, complete with adaptable wrapper libraries, enabling their IT teams to seamlessly integrate these into their software solutions.

Key technology used