Time tracker

Peer-to-peer time tracking for professional services and software development companies.

Timeline: 3 Months

Specialists: 1

Complexity: Low

Client: bubbleFiz


Information & Technology

Project type:

Mobile app

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In the realm of custom software development, accurately monitoring task and project time allocation is crucial for assessing progress, as well as comparing revenue against profitability. Many available commercial tools are either too complex or not tailored enough to meet the unique requirements of software development projects. Due to this, we decided to develop our own system, as our existing cloud-based solutions were insufficient.


Our approach focused on eliminating the need for centralised administration. We empowered each project manager to independently organise, manage, and monitor time on a peer-to-peer basis.

We created a hybrid mobile application that enables team members to log activities and manage all aspects of projects and tasks directly, bypassing the need for a separate administrative interface.

Key technology used