Value driver tree analysis tool

A desktop based analysis tool for management consultants used in identifying business improvements and bottlenecks.

Timeline: 6 Months

Specialists: 2

Complexity: High




Management consulting

Project type:

Cloud platform and Desktop app

User base:



Conveying the complexities of business operations, such as bottlenecks, downstream effects, and areas for optimisation, in a manner that is both comprehensible and actionable for clients poses a significant challenge. Our client, a global management consulting firm, required a software tool that would enable their consultants to clearly demonstrate findings and validate the advantages of optimisation strategies, all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel.


We developed a specialised set of tools that leveraged Excel’s robust graphing and spreadsheet functionalities, enabling the visualisation and presentation of data through an interactive value driver tree. The centrepiece of our solution was a custom Excel add-in that transformed standard workbooks into dynamic, engaging experiences. This add-in utilised a Value Driver Tree for visual representation, supported by additional sheets and tables for configuration and data output.

This innovation empowered consultants to swiftly conduct and present detailed analyses of intricate business operations. It enhanced their presentations with an interactive element that facilitated “what-if” analyses and scenario planning, significantly enriching the decision-making process for clients.

Key technology used