Witness reporting

A mobile app to help collect and preserve eyewitness evidence. It has lots of useful features to help witnesses and victims record the details of the event they experienced.

Timeline: 6 Months

Specialists: 4

Complexity: High




Project type:

Mobile app

User base:



An innovative project involving a local university and a state police force engaged us to develop one of the first mobile applications in the world for witness reporting. The aim was to provide a secure and non-intimidating platform for vulnerable individuals to report crimes, whether experienced personally or observed.


At the heart of our solution was the creation of a user-friendly mobile application, integrating questionnaires and processes formulated by psychologists specialising in eyewitness memory and police interview techniques.

The application features a variety of functions to ensure user safety, including location tracking, emergency response options, and prompts to facilitate the reporting process for witnesses.

Key technology used