Explore our extensive portfolio of projects, illustrating our commitment to innovation, quality, and tangible results. Each project reflects our expertise in navigating complex challenges and our dedication to transforming our clients’ visions into successful solutions. From custom software solutions to strategic advice, our projects span various industries and scales, showcasing our ability to deliver quality across diverse needs.

Community based housing services

Community housing client self service portal for maintenance requests and statements.

Disability plan management

An end-to-end platform to assist families with their disability planning, requests and payments.

Medical product sales

Medical product catalogue and selection, information, events and supplier details.

Better health outcomes

Patient engagement platform to facilitate better health outcomes.

Height safety compliance/training

Training certification, access control and inspections for work based activity on roofs.
Health & safety

Corporate website rebuild

A complete rebuild of an existing website for a corporate client.

Financial service portal redesign

A complete redesign of an existing portal for a client in the financial services industry.

Witness reporting

A mobile app to capture and guide witnesses and victims in recording evidence.

Team collaboration

Mobile based collaboration platform for teams on the go.

Tipping mobile app

A mobile app to make bill split and tipping easier.

Health triage quality assurance

Quality insurance platform used to assess triage within emergency rooms.

Personal health management

Patient engagement platform for post operative patients during their critical recovery period.

Project performance manager

Global project management toolset to capture and manage key details relating to the project and portfolios.
Cleaning services

Pathology lab assessment

A realtime lab assessment iPad app enabling students to complete time based questionnaires.

Surgical pack design and quoting

The design, selection and ordering of surgical packs for a range of operation types

Hospitality product sales

A cloud marketing and ordering system for hospitality products.

Real estate platform

An end-to-end platform to assist in the buy and sell of residential property for buyers, sellers, agents and 3rd parties.
Real estate

Enterprise budget and forecast tracking tool

Enterprise tracking of forecast, budget and actual data across many entities and financial coordinators.

Stock market trading training

A training platform to aid new traders in learning how to trade from within a safe game based environment.

Value driver tree analysis tool

A management consultant desktop analysis app used to identifying business improvements.

Insurance claims analysis

A claims assessment platform to identify claims leakage or issues with insurance claims.

Industrial filtration performance optimisation

An industrial toolset to optimise flow and efficiency within large scale industrial ventilation systems.

Gas well analysis and inspection

Compliance, inspection and 3D analysis of gas wells.

Workplace safety compliance

Field staff work place compliance tracking mobile app.
Health & safety

Legal matter collaboration

End-to-end legal matter project management and billing toolset.

IT support dashboard

A centralised dashboard to monitor support tickets and progress in real-time.

Legal library management

Legal management platform tracking case material, precedents and reference material.

Participant engagement

Mass engagement platform for citizens to learn and contribute to household energy usage and application.

Franchise management

A cloud platform that enables end-to-end franchise operations from point of sale to legal compliance.

Online accommodation

A cloud platform enabling marketing and booking management of B&B and self catering accommodation.

Inventory management portal

An internal portal integrated with InFlow to help manage and track stock, batches and orders.
Supply mgmt

Time tracker

Peer-to-peer time tracking for professional services and software development companies.

SaaS license platform

Software as a service license distribution and management system.

Print manager

Bulk print management and scheduling service.

Web launcher mobile app

A mobile app for Android devices to make web link launching easier.